Expertly Managing Data for International Websites
FAM-is offers managed data support services that meet our clients’ online business needs whether they need to update Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data or a complex data-driven website. Because FAM-is has an advanced web development team, we can provide the best end-to-end web solutions from implementing a content management system to data-entry.

Time-Saving Data Support Services
Our skilled support team provides services that maintain data integrity at highly-competitive rates. With FAM-is as a strategic data outsourcing partner, our clients put valuable time back into their hands through the following services:

» Data management services such as information repair and information search
» Management and organization for large volumes of information
» Data Integrity services like website information verification and data cleansing
» Data upload or entry for web applications and websites

Managing Data Affordably & Accurately
FAM-is strategic location in Buenos Aires, Argentina means that we can provide comprehensive solutions in multiple languages at affordably rates. When FAM-is uses synergy to make and manage online business success our clients stay competitive and have more time to focus on their industry expertise.

Please visit our online portfolio to see some of our successful online solutions or contact FAM-is today for more information about our data management support services.

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